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This specification is joint work of the XSL Working Group and the XML Linking Working Group and so is part of the W3C Style activity and of the W3C XML activity.

1 Introduction 2 Location Paths 2.1 Location Steps 2.2 Axes 2.3 Node Tests 2.4 Predicates 2.5 Abbreviated Syntax 3 Expressions 3.1 Basics 3.2 Function Calls 3.3 Node-sets 3.4 Booleans 3.5 Numbers 3.6 Strings 3.7 Lexical Structure 4 Core Function Library 4.1 Node Set Functions 4.2 String Functions 4.3 Boolean Functions 4.4 Number Functions 5 Data Model 5.1 Root Node 5.2 Element Nodes 5.2.1 Unique IDs 5.3 Attribute Nodes 5.4 Namespace Nodes 5.5 Processing Instruction Nodes 5.6 Comment Nodes 5.7 Text Nodes 6 Conformance A References A.1 Normative References A.2 Other References B XML Information Set Mapping (Non-Normative) XPath is the result of an effort to provide a common syntax and semantics for functionality shared between XSL Transformations [XSLT] and XPointer [XPointer].

Stepfamily life has three major transition points, two of which throw a family into temporary crisis: the first year- or year-and-a-half mark (the most challenging and crucial); the three- to five-year mark (when families' identities and patterns are solidified); and the children's adolescent years (when the child's identity needs to create conflicts or challenges). Judith Wallerstein, which shows that a child is profoundly affected by family dissolution. Bray also reports that a well-function stepfamily can restore a youngster's sense of well-being, as well as nurture healthy value development as capably as a nuclear family.

Integrating the stepparent into the child's life, separating former marriages from the present one, managing change, and finding workable rules for dealing with non-residential parent and former spouses. A stepfamily ultimately emerges as one of three basic forms.


Like all sexual abuse, behaviors which are regarded to be abusive are varied and numerous.

When Susie has a birthday or is ill, she is the one who merits the special attention and presents.

You can be sure that the other youngsters in the family no matter what they may say, recognize the inherent “fairness” of the situation.

It is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited as a normative reference from other documents.

These forms, the archetypes of stepfamily life, are Neotraditional, which succeeds, nearly all of the time; Matriarchal, successful most of the time; and Romantic, which are at great risk for divorce.

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Dear Amy: I am really tired of my husband asking: “How can I help you? ” I think, well, you are eating this dinner too, so why not just ask, “What can I do?

” Here’s why this upsets me: If I am cooking dinner for the both of us and he asks, “What can I do for you?

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