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The youngsters will perform alongside a live band in the hope of getting the judges to hit their buzzers.

If a coach turns, they win that act for their team and if more than one coach spins then the contestant decides which team to join.

Now married to an Oxford-educated lawyer and living in a £1.5 million Los Angeles ranch, Charlotte has hoarded scrapbooks packed with mementoes from the three years she spent as his mistress.

He finally dumped her after she confided to his publicist that she was anti-abortion and would keep the singer’s baby if she became pregnant.‘I met Tom’s mum, dad, sister and, of course, Mark,’ Charlotte said.

in Hill Valley, California to George and Lorraine Mc Fly. He had a brother Dave, who was born in 1963, and sister Linda, who was born in 1965.

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Charlotte, still striking at 54, has maintained a three-decade friendship with Sir Tom, who has chalked up more than 100 million in record sales and still has swooning female fans hurling underwear at him on stage.

He won season 11 of the reality competition show I'm a Celebrity... Stefanie Powers was the first celebrity eliminated on the season.

He also previously dated artist Lara Carew-Jones in 2011.

He is the world's second time traveler, the first to travel backwards in time and the first human to travel though time.

He was also a high school student at Hill Valley High School in 1985. Emmett Brown, who unveiled his first working invention to him.

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